Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs…

Welcome, welcome! Come on in, find a nice comfy seat and grab yourself a glass of sweet tea!
My name is Tiffany and I am the oh, so incredibly proud mama of my 3 little runts. This year, we’ve decided to venture into the big, scary world of HOMESCHOOLING!  I figured, what the heck, I might as well document it for the whole world to see. That way, when my ever-demanding brother asks if my kids are learning anything, I can just direct him here so he can see first-hand for himself. (Hi, Freddie!)
My littles are slowly getting more excited about the thought of doing school work in their pajamas. Okay, okay…I am definitely the most thrilled one about this aspect of homeschooling, but we have slowly started digging into our curriculum and the more we do, the more they love it!


Without further ado, I’ll introduce you to my little monsters that have made this journey so exciting!

Natali, who just turned 10 this summer, and is now a big ol’ 5th grader. (Really? Is that even possible?)  A thoughtful, sensitive beauty who always has her nose stuck in a book. Much like her dad, she actually cares about other people and their feelings (which leads me to believe she may not even be my biological child!) You can count on my easy-going brown eyed girl to nurture you like no one’s business! She’s a people-pleaser, that’s for sure.

Emersyn, who is 6 and keeps us in stitches. Funny but incredibly unpredictable, you just never know what’s going to come out of her mouth!  She’s my wild, rambunctious ball of energy, that is just a LITTLE bit too much like myself. (Do you hear my silent cries for help?) She will be starting 1st grade this year and is not so thrilled about schooling of any type. I joke that she’s the reason we have to homeschool. I mean, she surely knows not to tell the teacher that I was sitting on the couch in my underwear surfing Facebook while she made herself a cheese sandwich for lunch, right??? (Just kidding. She was actually pretty well-behaved in kindergarten and didn’t tell any stories like that….that I know of. )

And, Barrett, also lovingly referred to as Bear. Just 17 months old but what a ham! Love this little guy and can’t imagine life without him now. He was quite a surprise, though. The son my husband has always wanted, as well as the only grandson on Daddy’s side of the family. I have a small hunch that this kid is gonna be rotten. Those beautiful eyes and that adorable smile keep me on my toes. Happiest baby you’ve ever seen but man, he’s a handful. (Apparently I just forgot how much work a baby requires…)


Jump in, buckle up and join us on this whirlwind journey as we explore the unknowns of homeschooling!


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