Our trial run

  This morning we woke up and were casually laying around the house, with  not much on the agenda for the day. Around 9:30, the girls asked if we could do our Geography lesson. I’d been wanting to do a “test run” of our homeschool day for a few weeks, so today was the lucky day.
We began with their favorite, Road Trip USA. They love this lesson! It’s the second time we’ve done it but they really enjoyed it both times.

Next up, I threw in a spelling test. Both girls did great!

I decided to go ahead and try out our new Apologia “Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.” Not gonna lie, it wasn’t really my cup of tea. It wasn’t that interesting or engaging. It definitely had more “notebooking” activities than I wanted. However, we are going to stick with it and pray that it gets more exciting. If not, we will find something new. (Isn’t that the beauty of homeschooling?)

We were almost done but then I decided to have the girls work on their daily notebooks.  Emersyn had a daily notebook last year and she really enjoyed it. I haven’t put together a new one so we’ll probably stick with this one until I find the time to hunt down a few new pages.


{This is Emersyn’s notebook on the first day of homeschool in Kindergarten}

Since Natali clearly doesn’t need the “calendar time” that Emersyn’s notebook provides, we decided to do a writing prompt everyday for her. I simply found a list of 180 writing prompts and cut them into strips, and placed the folded strips into a bucket for her to draw out of daily. Today’s writing prompt was something along the lines of “You can work at your favorite store in the mall. Which would you choose and why.” (The crazy girl replied with Bath & Body Works or Justice. SHOCKER!)

The girls were getting hungry so we made us some sandwiches and turned on a rather babyish sign language video from Netflix. We watched and learned while enjoying a ham sandwich. (Yep, we go “beyond the bologna” around here.)

This afternoon we are planning to enjoy some PE activities, otherwise known as riding our bikes and swimming in our pool (after we clean it, of course!)
We have really had a pretty easygoing day and while we didn’t do as much reading as we would in a normal day, we did manage to figure out how long it will take us to do our lessons.     Maybe tomorrow they will want to try out the other subjects that we didn’t’  get a chance to do today.


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