What skills will my kids need?

I’m not talking about writing a paragraph or being able to type 350 words per minute. I’m talking about real life skills. What will they need to be successful, productive members of society?

I’m sure the skills they need won’t be the same as what my generation needed.

Life skills. This was a huge reason we decided to homeschool.
My husband and I had completely different upbringings.  While I was winning ball games every weekend, he was working on cars. The difference? He had a skill while I was playing a game. Don’t get me wrong, there are several things I learned from playing sports that I still carry with me today and I will always be thankful that my parents gave me the opportunities they did, through much sacrificing on their part.
Do I want my kids to play sports? Sure, if that’s what they want to do. Do I care if they don’t play sports. Nah. I would rather enjoy the air conditioning than spend my summer sweating to death at a ballfield anyways.

What life skills do I want my kids to have?
Some simple, everyday ones and some that we will probably have to work. really hard for.

Ironing, washing dishes by hand (gasp!), preparing and cooking a meal, mowing a lawn, growing a garden, changing light bulbs, canning our own produce, making jelly/jams/salsa or whatever else our hearts desire, reading a map, working on cars (is this even possible still with all of the sensors and gadgets?), writing a letter in cursive, sew their own clothes/pillowcases/whatever, manage a small farm of rabbits/goats/cows/chickens, balance a checkbook, basic home repairs and updates, the list could go on and on and on….

I want to provide them with the skills they need to survive, without a computer, TV or cell phone. Because, frankly, I know that I, personally, wouldn’t be very good at anything if I didn’t have the internet to rely on.


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