Field Trip Day: Bluff Dwellers Cavern


Bluff Dwellers Cavern
Noel, MO

When I first looked into homeschooling, I searched high and low for any info. Lots of blogs suggested that I look on Facebook for local groups. I did just that, and found a great group who does just field trips. It’s great for families like ours who aren’t really interested in a co-op but would enjoy the group discounts that are offered to large groups. 


The girls posing in front a bluff and a cactus garden

Today was the first field trip that we were interested in attending. I invited a couple of other homeschool moms that I’ve known forever. One is just getting started and the other is in her second year of homeschool. (We met up yesterday and today my kids asked if we get to see them everyday.)
We went to Bluff Dwellers Cavern in Noel, MO. It’s about 30-45 minutes from my house but I had never been there. I was shocked to see that people travel from so far away to see it! The family who toured the cave with us was from Witchita!

Before the tour, we went inside a little museum, full of different rocks, stones, old artifacts. The arrowheads were all found in the field right across from the cave.  It was pretty interesting! The kids especially like the petrified nest and eggs.

WP_20140725_004 WP_20140725_005

WP_20140725_006  WP_20140725_008 

These are some incredibly crappy photos taken with my phone. My theory is that real moms don’t have nice camera phones. 😉

The cave itself was amazing. The guide wasn’t so amazing. She didn’t know much about it and didn’t enjoy the kids at all. She acted as though she’d rather be at the gynecologist than telling our kids to be quiet. (You don’t want to disturb the neighbors, I guess.)

WP_20140725_014 WP_20140725_017


Lucky for us, Natali had studied caves pretty in depth in school last year and filled us in on all the details she knew about caves.

After the tour, we “panned” for rocks and minerals. The kids really enjoyed it and I enjoyed the fact that it was only $4 per bag! (I just checked into this at a local amusement park and it was $16.95 each!)

  WP_20140725_024   WP_20140725_033  

WP_20140725_035The goods

After the field trip, we decided to swing by the library while we were down that way. I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying they love audio books so I thought we’d grab a few. Unfortunately, our local library only had 4 Dr. Seuss books and the girls weren’t interested in them, so we didn’t get any. We did get 18 new books though, so that should last them for a week or 2. 🙂

Finished up the afternoon by taking a dip in the pool! My neice, Madison had kept Bear while we were gone and he was ready for some fun in the sun with his sisters. Isn’t he just a doll?    

                WP_20140725_039 WP_20140725_043


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