Bright Futures: Stuff the Bus

If you have a “Bright Futures” program in your area, I encourage you to go to a meeting and hear what it’s really all about. This is something I’ve played an active role in for the last few years and it’s a great program. Basically, they meet the needs of our students. 


They have a “closet” full of clothes and shoes for kids who come to school in worn out clothes. They are also in charge of the “Backpack Program” which provides easy to prepare foods every Friday. This includes things like Ravioli, peanut butter, Ramen Noodles, pudding and other items that the kids can prepare without any help. Often times, it’s not a matter of not having money (or food stamps) to buy food, it’s just that the parents are too negligent to actually provide the food for meals.

This morning was the Bright Futures “Stuff the Bus” event. The girls and I stood outside the local Dollar General, handing out a list of items that we need to help with school supplies.

WP_20140726_004 WP_20140726_003

 The idea is to try to “stuff” the bus as full as possible with supplies. The community really steps up and helps with this. I kinda wonder if they donate because they want to help kids or because they feel bad for the sweaty volunteers, spending hours in the direct sunlight on one of the hottest days of the year.


One man asked why I was volunteering if my kids don’t even go to school and I told him that I didn’t quit caring about humanity when I pulled my kids from public school. There are so many kids that need help and it’s usually right under our noses. Next time you’re at a school, take a look at the kids’ shoes. You would be amazed at the amount of kids who wear shoes with holes or even duct tape to hold them together.  😦

It’s been such a blessing to be a part of this even, a sweaty, smoldering hot, burning in the sun, gotta-take-a-shower-ASAP kind of blessing.


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