In the garden

My husband comes home everyday from work and goes directly out to the garden (unless he has to poop, then he goes directly to the crapper. He doesn’t like using the “blue house” at the job sites.)
Emersyn and Barrett are great garden helpers. They go out and help water, weed or pick. Barrett’s favorite is the berry patch.  Emersyn loves the cucumbers. 

Last night, I needed peppers for the fajitas I was making for dinner. Steven went out to the garden and came back with these beauties!
Can I just say I  stinkin’ love summer!

WP_20140725_045Growing your own food is really starting to pay off!

(That just reminded me of an e-card I saw on FB. It said “Growing your own food is like growing your own money.” I read that and thought “No, growing your own marijuana is like growing your own money.”  Psh…Amateurs.)


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