Curriculum: Road Trip USA

I just gotta say, my kids are obsessed with our geography curriculum! How awesome is it that they both want to do a lesson, even when it’s not “school time.” They have both asked to do it in the evenings, after dinner, which is when we would usually just relax and spend time together as a family. I am so excited to dig deeper into this study and watch them learn and enjoy it!
Today, we were wrapping up a lesson and both girls begged to keep doing it. This was our last lesson of the day (that’s code for “I tricked them into finishing their other work so they could get to  RT USA!” Shameless stuff is happening at my house, ya’ll!)

We ended up doing 4 extra lessons. I love these lessons. They are short and to the point but chock-full of information. Today we learned about the White House, the US Flag, Washington DC,  the Statue of Liberty and the Pledge of Allegiance. They have lapbooks for every one of the lessons and my kids can zip through them pretty fast but they actually retain the information, so I’m fine with it! I learned a lot of random facts today, too. ( I feel pretty ignorant! Who knew that you are supposed to only fly a lit up flag at night! I had no idea and have been flying Old Glory all the time! Gonna have to get us a spotlight!)
I just asked the girls what they learned and Natali said “Lady Liberty is a gift from France and is holding a tablet with Independence Day on it.” Emersyn learned that “The president doesn’t own the White House. I do.” 🙂
My favorite part of this curriculum is that each state has a recipe that goes along with it! I flipped through the first couple of recipes and saw clam chowder, lobster cakes, homemade blueberry muffins, and maple syrup. I think it’ll be something to look forward to after studying each state.

Take a look at the Road Trip USA curriculum here! I’m thinking next year, we might just have to enjoy Expedition Earth.

While you’re there, check out everything on  Great blog!


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