Learning through play

“They” say that kids learn best through play. I find it harder and harder to find kids who have an imagination and actually use it. We sit our kids in front of screens from the time they are babies and then wonder why they can’t entertain themselves.
My kids play outside a lot, but not nearly as much as I’d like them to. I love that they have so many toys to play with, yet they would rather enjoy “treasures” that they’ve discovered themselves.

Today, I went outside to find this:


A bouquet of “Naked Ladies” beautifully arranged in an old glass bottle they found in one of our old barns

A “kid sized” American flag from their fort

An old saw and hammer from who-knows-where 

A bunch of walnuts in an old metal bucket

My little monkeys spent over 2 hours playing “Homeless People” and cracking walnuts on their picnic table for fun.

They have no idea what blessed little children they are.


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