Decorating with “Junk”

I showed you the picture of my yard sale finds the other day so I figured what the heck, I might as well show you how I incorporated them into my decorating.
Most of the items I bought were for Barrett’s room.

I wanted his room to be all boy.

He has the smallest room in our house and it is pretty darn small, so I knew I had to use a few big items to make the biggest impact.

Here’s a shot of one side of his room.

I bought the lockers several months ago but everything else was purchased this weekend. (I plan on painting the sides of the lockers with chalkboard paint. I should probably get on that.)
I picked up the metal “Disaster Preparedness School” sign with plans to use it as Bear’s headboard. It fit perfectly above the lockers and I loved the pop of color it added to this side of the room, so it went there instead. I paid just $5 for it!!!

I bought the light at the same sale. It was also $5. It works but I am hoping the Hubs will convert it so I can plug it into his wall.
The old Pepsi crate is something I’ve had for a few years, picked up at another yard sale for a couple of bucks.
The rusty pulley was only $.50, the toolbox was $1 and the old metal basket (which Emersyn insisted we use as a trash can and she even added a “liner” to it) was only $1.
On the other wall is a pair of timers. Not really sure what the heck they are, but they were just $.50 each and screamed “BOY” to me, so I grabbed them up. The tool in the middle was picked up for $1.

All in all, everything you see on this side of Bear’s room was bought for about $50.

The room isn’t finished yet. I have a great plan for the hubcaps I bought. A great plan? Well, we’ll see about that. It’s  a great plan in my mind. It might turn into a disaster once I put my plan into action. Who knows.
I am still debating whether or not to hang up the lights off of the cop car on an opposite wall, but I’ll show it all to you it once I get it finished.


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