First Day of {Public} School


Yesterday was the day when all of Natali’s friends quit texting her all day long. It’s the day that all of their parents have longed for, for the last 3 months. It’s the day that they have shopped, prepared and stressed over this day. It’s the first day of school.

Since this is our first year of not attending, we decided to celebrate on our own. Both girls were already pretty exhausted from having friends over the day before to celebrate the last day of summer, with hours of splashing and laughing in the pool.

We decided to head to Springfield, after a quick stop at Sonic, of course. I really wanted to check out this cool old castle there, but the girls insisted on going to The Discover Center…again.

This post is going to have a ton of photos, so consider yourself warned. And all of these photos were taken with my not-so-great phone. In a rather dark building. The good news is, my phone died, so you don’t have to see but about half of it. 🙂


First stop at the Discovery Center was the tiny tot room. It’s really for kids under the age of 5, so we had never even been in this area. The best part about homeschooling? We pretty much had the entire Center to ourselves! There was NO ONE on the whole first floor while we were there. Awesome!


A “Ball Vacuum” sucks up the balls, and spits them out at you. Barrett thought this was hilarious.


The Imagination Station had tons of puppets, dress up clothes and more.


Natali had a ball trying to get this to work just perfect.



The waterworks area 


The Whisper Tubes (You can barely see Natali on the other side)

WP_20140813_029 WP_20140813_030

My hamsters


Using a pulley

WP_20140813_032 WP_20140813_033

Grandma and the girls in the Hurricane Winds. It blew 78 mph!

WP_20140813_036 WP_20140813_037

Digging for dinosaur bones.



Making airplanes soar


Natali and Bear on the Infrared bench


They loved the bed of nails! How cool that they could actually lay on nails and not get hurt. 🙂


Learning how to spin “like an ice skater”


An 8 ft. sun. The blue box in the corner of the pic has planets, in size compared to the sun. I was blown away at how small Earth is compared to the sun. I knew it was big, but MAN!

There was also a walkthrough star area that the kids loved. It was pitch black with “stars” and mirrors reflecting the stars.


This was the girls’ favorite part. I’m afraid I have a couple of news anchors on my hands. They loved this area!


A TV outside of the room showed the girls’ newscast 


I loved that they incorporated their Geography into their newscast. Here, Natali is pointing to Delaware, which we had just studied in Road Trip USA.

WP_20140813_072 WP_20140813_074

Who knows, they may end up being a doctor, nurse or even a surgeon? WP_20140813_075

  WP_20140813_067 WP_20140813_066

The beekeeper seemed excited to learn about honeybees. It was so cool to see how busy the bees were.

 WP_20140813_064 WP_20140813_065

Their other favorite area was the marketplace.  I was surprised how much fun they had in here. Who knew grocery shopping is such a fun activity?
Bear just kept eating the fake food. Apparently he was hungry. He even tried asparagus.

 WP_20140813_056 WP_20140813_059

Would you drink from a toilet? The kids had no p[roblem, but I didn’t want to try it. Even though the sign says it’s clean tap water, there’s just something about it that gave me the hibby-jibbies!


Emersyn practiced brushing her teeth, and Lordy knows she needs all the practice she can get.


Making HUGE bubbles! So fun.


Leaving the “body area” through the big fat mouth! Bear boy thought the teeth were cool.

 WP_20140813_049 WP_20140813_051

They look a little crazy!!!

WP_20140813_052 WP_20140813_053

Lighting up a light bulb through their bodies!


Paul Bunion’s Kaliedascope


Moving the CD’s through banging air


Some of the funnest things we did, I didn’t get photos of b/c of my phone dying.

The kids got to put on lab coats, safety glasses and gloves and take their own DNA and then do a taste test on their taste buds.

There was so much to do that I can’t even begin to tell you everything. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself. The price isn’t terrible and you can easily spend the whole day there!

Here is the link again, if you want to check it out:


Our next stop was Lamberts Café. The kids love going anytime we are nearby. This was definitely the worst visit we’ve had, but we’ll probably still go back again. The sides didn’t come around, our waitress wasn’t the greatest and my food was terrible. (Note to self: Do not ever, ever, ever order the hamburger again. It was nast.) But it’s a lot of fun and who doesn’t love having a fresh hot roll thrown at them!?!?!


Our last stop of the day was at my Grandma’s house. She lives on a creek and the kids enjoyed dipping their feet in the water. We need to spend the day there soon, but we were all exhausted and ready to be home.

All in all, it was a great first day back to school, even if we were all asleep by 9:00! 🙂


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