Happy Grandparents Day!!!

As far as Grandparents go, my kids have struck gold. They really are so very blessed with not just one set of out-of-this-world grandparents, but two! I mean- who even gets that darn lucky!?!?
It’s not much, but this painted canvas is what we made the grandparents this year for Grandparents Day.


I totally agree with the saying “Strong roots make happy leaves.” It’s true in trees, flowers and families.


Not only are we blessed with amazing grandparents but my husbands aunt and uncle, who live next door to us, are like a bonus set of “grandparents.”

What I’m trying to politely say is that they spoil my kids rotten and send them home! They always make my kids feel so special and my girls will ask to go visit them anytime they see their truck home.

I know we’re incredibly lucky. I wish everyone had amazing grandparents like my kids do!

A million “Thank yous” and “I love yous” would never begin to tell our parents how grateful I am for the lengths they go to make my kids happy!


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