{Curriculum} Teaching Textbooks


Khan wasn’t really working out for Natali. It wasn’t that she wasn’t doing it, but she is not a very motivated person when it comes to math. Being able to work at her own pace, resulted in a lot of sitting and staring at the computer screen, thinking it would count as her “30 minutes of math a day” requirement.
I looked into Saxson and Math-U-See, as well as some others. They all had rave reviews. However, math isn’t my strongest subject, so I’d prefer an online curriculum that she could do herself, without either of us getting frustrated. Then I stumbled upon Teaching Textbooks. The flashy- ness of the program instantly struck me as something Natali would enjoy.


I had her try out the sample lessons and she loved it. So- being the cheapskate that I am, I searched high and low for the best price. I ended up with a used version from Ebay.  Even used, it was still $135. Not cheap, but if it works, it’ll be so worth it.

Plus, the way I see it, I’ve saved enough on all of my curriculum, it doesn’t hurt me to splurge on her math program. After all, math is one of the most important subjects and it’s not something I’m willing to let her fall behind in.


Our package came in the mail after we had already done our math for the day. However, she ripped that package open and begged to try it out. She loved her first lesson, which was on Roman Numerals. (Something I am clueless about.)


It seems like something she will enjoy, which is always s a plus! I’m excited to see if she   remains as enthusiastic about math after a few weeks.


2 thoughts on “{Curriculum} Teaching Textbooks

    • This curriculum seems like it could be the answer to my math prayers. I know how to do the math, but it’s just not something I’m good at teaching.
      My favorite part is that it does the grading for you, so you can just look at the “gradebook” and see what problems were missed. It’s definitely worth checking out!

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