{Curriculum} Mystery of History: Volume 1


I didn’t exactly set out to find a new history curriculum but when my friend started telling me about the Mystery of History curriculum, I immediately wanted to try it. Up to this point, I was using the history section of Easy Peasy. I wasn’t blown away with it, but it is a good , complete and FREE curriculum. (I’m just discovering that I prefer bookwork to computer work.)

Our MOH arrived this morning and we tore that box open and got started right away. My kids enjoyed it enough, but I think once we get into the “meat” of it, it’ll be more exciting to them.
Of course, this curriculum isn’t anything new. Pretty much every blog I read, they used this curriculum and only had rave reviews about it. I’m not sure what it is, but someone in real life who has dealt with it, just makes it more appealing. Which probably means I’m missing out on a lot of great curriculum, since I only know a handful of homeschoolers in real life.

Mystery of History is a Bible based curriculum. Our first lesson was on Creation. The girls made some nifty little booklets, with  a page dedicated to each of the first 7 days of creation. Some of the lessons seem to have really fun activities and others (like today) seem just so-so. All in all, it looks pretty interesting.

While I do love several things about Easy Peasy, I would eventually like to find a good grammar/writing/language arts curriculum. Right now, I’m thinking about “Just Write” and “Easy Grammar.” They both look like pretty good curriculum, but I can’t bite the bullet without actually seeing it or know someone who will discuss it with me. (I NEED to know whether the teacher’s manual is necessary. C’mon people, I’m a cheapo!)


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