Catchin’ Up

 Okay, okay…so I may just be the most craptastic blogger ever. (Although I’m probably not. There’s probably someone out there blogging about moldy cheese or cat feces or something else equally craptastic. But who am I to judge?) I’ve been busy lately, with life, mostly. I’ve taken tons of pics of stuff with plans to blog about it but haven’t actually had the time. Or energy.


My solution?  I’m gonna roll a couple of posts into one and pray you don’t shoot yourself in the foot because you’re bored to death.

So- it’s almost October and while the temps are still pretty high around here, we have shut off our air conditioner and my house is slooooowly starting to look fall-y.

Here’s a shot of my fall mantle, but I still need to change out my banner.


I decided to go with more neutral colors this year. Usually my house is covered in bright orange pumpkins but this year, I decided to tone it down a bit. And I lu-huv it!


We took a weekend getaway to Branson, with my sister and her family, as well as one of the Hubs’ cousins and his fam. Here are just a few highlights from our Silver Dollar City trip. (We have season passes to the amusement park but we don’t use them nearly enough.)

WP_20140913_002  WP_20140913_006 WP_20140913_009 WP_20140913_011WP_20140913_013 WP_20140913_016.


A few weeks ago, we took a field trip with a local group that does only field trips. That kinda group is RIGHT up my alley! I’m not much into playdates but love the chance to experience something we wouldn’t otherwise get to do.


This month’s field trip was to the local newspaper.  While there wasn’t much action inside, we learned a ton. The paper is printed at night, so that’s when all the good stuff happens at the newspaper office. However, we got to see the huge machines, the process and talk with the reporters and other workers. It was a lot of fun! Glad we had the opportunity to go.


My kids have recently discovered just how much they love Monopoly. Or in our case, Horsopoly. And might I add, this game is awesome for math skills. I make the kids take turns being the “Banker” and I am impressed with how well they do.

We had a great family game night on Saturday and somehow the Hubs managed to win. I think it was rigged. I know these are the days I will someday miss. I love spending nights enjoying the best company in the world.



One more thing I just gotta share!

This pic is probably one of my favorite moments from the last month or so. I walked in to the girls’ room and found that they had sung him to sleep. I can’t even begin to tell you how much closer my kids are since we’ve started homeschooling. They are literally besties, all 3 of them.  I wish every family would give homeschooling a shot, just for this aspect. I think it would really make a difference in America’s next generations… Just sayin’.


Don’t tell me that doesn’t melt your little heart, seeing these babies curled up like they REALLY love each other. It’s the best feeling, as a mom.


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