Rainy Days

Last night, we all went to bed, excited for our field trip today. We were going to attend the Homeschool Day at George Washington Carver National Monument’s “Prarie Days.” We’ve been before, on a Saturday, but it’s always been so crowded that I was looking forward to just homeschoolers being there.

Instead, we woke up to thunderstorms, crazy amounts of rain and a cancelled event. And honestly, it was perfectly fine with me. Rain means that  “Daddy” is home, and we adjusted our day accordingly.

We did a bit of school this morning, followed by making lunch with Daddy, then watching a little bit of TV (which has become a rarity these days! WHOO HOO!) After that, Emersyn and Daddy decided to build a doghouse for Soft Taco and Ruby. Emersyn had an absolute blast. She’s been talking about it every since.
The girls were pleasantly surprised when my parents called this evening and asked if they could go to Great-Grandma’s to see the horses. They got to see the momma and foal they will be getting in the next few weeks and they were so excited. Now, we’re all snuggled up watching “Annie.”

Now if that don’t sound like the perfect day, then I just don’t really know what is!


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