{Mystery of History} Ice Age

I haven’t posted much from our Mystery of History curriculum yet. We got a late start on it but we have finally gotten the hang of it.

We do 3 lessons a week (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) and then make our “Notecards” and do our timeline on Thursdays. This works out really well because, well…I can catch up on Friday if I need to. (Which I usually do.)
The lessons are very short and to the point but get the facts in their heads quickly. I have learned so much from this curriculum, and I think everyone I’ve talked to has, as well. (I’ve had several debates with my Father-in-Law about what was and wasn’t on the Ark. It’s hard to argue when God presents the facts.)  😉
We worked on the Ice Age section of the curriculum last week. The book suggested we take a piece of ice and place it on our stomach and see who could last the longest. We did this activity in the evening and Daddy and the girls did it together. Needless to say, my sissy girls lost out to the Hubs.
Emersyn didn’t last long and her face shows exactly how she felt about it!


The hardest part of this activity was trying to keep Bear from grabbing everyone’s ice cube and eating it! {EWWW!}


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