New Additions to our Curriculum

In the last month, I’ve really been adding to our ever-growing collection of Curriculum.
We’ve added Just Write, Daily Grammar 5 and Daily Grams for Natali.  All seem to be working out well. She likes the grammar SO much more than she did the Easy-Peasy Grammar. It’s simple, and to the point. She only does the “Just Write” once a week. I actually just ordered the teacher book for this but haven’t gotten it yet.
{Am I the only one who orders the book to see if the teacher’s manual is NECESSARY? It seems like a lot of curriculum are self explanatory and the extra books are just an added expense (cough.cough.Apologia.cough.cough}

I ordered Miquon Math for Emersyn. We weren’t doing anything formal for math, just lots and lots of counting and addition problems, as well as a few random worksheets a week. Hopefully, the Cuisenaire rods will grab her attention and make her LOVE math, like her Daddy. We just received this in the mail this weekend, so we haven’t had the chance to try it out yet.

I also ordered the Draw Write Now book but haven’t gotten it yet either. I wasn’t really looking for anything formal for art but my kids (especially Emersyn) love to color, so I thought we’d add in some drawing. (She has literally colored 3 entire coloring books in the last 2 months. Every single page, completely colored. She’s a coloring nut!)

Ive heard lots of good stuff about Draw Write Now and the book was only about $10 so I figured {What the heck!}

Other than that, we’ve kept our normal routine, which includes:
Daily Journal


Easy Grammar (Only for Natali)

Just Write  (Only for Natali)

Daily Grams  (Only for Natali)


Explode the Code (only for Emersyn)

30 minutes of Reading Eggs (only for Emersyn)

Vocabulary Definitions

Mystery of History

Road Trip USA



Typing {Okay- so we haven’t actually done any typing but it is on our schedule and I will eventually get to it…maybe next semester.}



Sign Language



Deep Cleaning

Outside Chore (The chores are when we are actually learning a new chore or how to properly care for something. We still have our regular chores, too.)


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