Apple Tasting!


A few weeks ago, we got to together with the Ruby family to have an Apple Tasting Day, in honor of Johnny Appleseed’s birthday.


Before our guests arrived, the girls made an apple dump cake. The one thing I absolutely LOVE about dump cake is that my girls can make it 100% by themselves, with no help. What a confidence- builder! And such a simple treat!


Once the Ruby family arrived, we got started with our taste test.
I had bought 7 apples, which was all that Wal*Mart had. Each kid got to use the apple slicer to cut slices for the other kids. They loved using it!
Each kid got to vote on whether they liked each variety (1 mark) or loved it (2 marks.) After we had tasted all the apples, they got to give an additional mark to their favorite.


Even Bear loved it! He kept begging for more.


Inside every apple is a star!


The results are in and our favorites are:

We finished the day by reading a book about John Chapman and the great work he did with his orchards.



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