{Mystery of History} Stonehenge


We studied Stonehenge earlier this week and WOW!

That is so amazing!

How on earth did they ever move all of those stones?

Our book said that some of the stones came from over 300 miles away.

Can you imagine carrying those huge boulders that far?

Such a fun mystery to read about!

The activity was to go outside and find rocks to make your own Stonehenge. This was much harder than you would think!
Trying to find rocks that are about the same size and flat was quite a chore.

WP_20141007_019 WP_20141007_016

Inside the huge rocks, is a smaller circle of blue stones. (My brother visited Stonehenge and didn’t know this! I’m wondering how “blue” they are today, or if the color has faded? Maybe he just isn’t very observant!)

WP_20141007_013 WP_20141007_021
Emersyn used her little noggin  to remember that we had a pile of blue and red stones in our driveway from where the Hubs had dumped his fishtank remnants a few years ago. Her stones were really blue! Natali used markers to colored her rocks.

WP_20141007_029 WP_20141007_030


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