Failed Halloween Experiment

We wanted to try the “Ghostly” balloon experiment last night, in honor of Halloween. The idea was to take a white balloon, draw a ghost face on it and blow it up using baking soda and vinegar.


It sounded pretty simple.  Place about 2 Tbsp. of baking soda inside the balloon and about half a cup of vingar in a bottle. Next stretch the balloon over the top of the bottle. Once the baking soda falls into the vinegar, the balloon will air up, causing the “ghost” to rise.

I gathered my supplies.


The girls carefully poured the ingredients together.



Then I attempted 4 times to stretch that dang balloon over my bottle. Apparently my balloon was a water balloon (Hey, it’s what I found in the “junk drawer!” Don’t judge!) and they didn’t stretch very easily.
Which resulted in a mess.

We finally said “Screw It!” and went to the sink for some hands on learning. I dumped some baking soda in the girls’ hands and then poured some vinegar so they could feel the bubbles. They loved it and stood there giggling for a good 10 minutes while we repeated the process over and over again.

Sometimes an experiment gone wrong turns out to be a good thing


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