Halloween 2014


Trick or Treating was FUN this year!  I guess because the girls were more “into” than they have been in years past.
We had a busy Halloween day, so we actually got dressed up and did some of our “normal” houses the day before.
The night before Halloween, my parents took the kids to stay the night in a hotel. For no reason, other than just to make memories. They thought it would be fun to stay up all night watching movies and eating junk food. (Have I mentioned that my kids have the most awesome grandparents ever!?!?)
On Halloween morning, we had a very sad funeral to attend. A good friend from Emersyn’s school passed away unexpectedly. It’s so hard to talk to the kids about a child’s death. They just don’t understand. Thankfully, they dealt with it pretty well.
Hugging my babies a little tighter because 6 years old is just too soon.

The girls each knew exactly what they wanted to be this year and thankfully everyone’s costumes were super simple!

My bestie loaned us Emersyn’s Indian costume and she loved it!


Bear didn’t like having his face painted or else eh would’ve had an adorable scarecrow face. I barely got him to keep the nose paint on!
Natali was a rough, tough biker chick! This girl has been loving motorcycles lately, as well as anything leather. I’m praying she outgrows this phase quickly. :/



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