A boy and his Grandpa

A little known fact:

Bear’s first word was “bucket.”

Not “Mamma,” or “Daddy” or even “poop.”

Just “bucket.”

Why on earth would a boy say “bucket” before truck or book?

Well, this is why:


His Grandpa comes everyday to feed his cows that are at our house and he brings the grain in a red bucket. Bear loved that bucket so much that my mom even bought him one, just his size. He carries that thing around a lot.

WP_20140918_004   WP_20140829_004 WP_20140910_006

It just melts my heart to see my little man waiting anxiously for Grandpa to come and see him, every day.

The pic below is of Bear, waiting patiently at the gate for his Grandpa. I love it.

When it comes to grandparents, my kids hit the jackpot.  


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