Fall Family Photo Preview

Am I the only one who thinks that they are going to end up divorced by the end of a family photo shoot?

I always joke that I’m going to need these family pics to remember my husband by.

I mean, by the time we get dressed, fix hair, wash faces, put on shoes and accessories and try our best to look like perfection, it’s safe to say that we are all a bit on edge.

Then the drive to the photo shoot sounds a bit like this:
“Don’t touch your hair! Put your shoes back on! Don’t eat that Snickers! Did you just wipe your hands on your pants? Why are you even eating a Snickers!?!? We just ate! Don’t touch your brother! Are you kidding me! Come on, guys! An hour of normalcy is all I’m asking! Stop picking that scab! Did you just lick the window!?! Dang it, kid!!!”

I seem to have a pretty predictable reaction to stress. Whether it’s a birthday party, friends coming over for dinner or family pictures, the 30 minutes beforehand, I am a crazy lunatic, running around, trying to perfect everything. You’d think my family would be used to it by now, but they all get stressed out, too.

Our fall photo session was no different.

In fact, it may have been even worse than usual.  Bear had a sinus and ear infection and was simply not a happy camper. The Hubs had a mile-long list of things he needed to do but since our photo shoot was in the middle of the day, he wouldn’t get a chance to do them. Emersyn insisted on wearing her leggings, but I did manage to pry her pink cowgirl hat from her head.

 It was just a grumpy kind of day…

However, our amazing photographer somehow managed to get some really good shots, despite the fact that Bear didn’t even give a hint of a smile all day.

I’ve only seen these previews but I’m super excited to see the rest!


1796543_749778338444589_5879747698151120723_n 1907913_749788321776924_2322859789493961451_n

1507190_749776388444784_7555017800887043894_n1908454_749776385111451_5122595246651344117_n 10354077_749779778444445_8458341273582938507_n

10429281_749776398444783_6408908725006493526_n 10670152_749776428444780_262288822694201210_n

I always knew I was short, but Geez Louise! I look like a tiny tot in the last pic.

Check out more of




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