My parents go on vacation every year for my mom’s birthday in November. This is something they started after their kids had all grown up and moved away, since she never got to properly celebrate while her kids were at home. (Selfless moms are the best!)

A few times, they have went on cruises, last year they went to Texas and this year, they decided on Florida. No big plans, just hanging out on the beach for 7 days, soaking in the sun and peacefulness of the beach.

The night before they were set to leave, my mom called. She wanted to know if the kids could go with them. I didn’t figure they would. In fact, it’s a struggle to get Natali to go stay the night somewhere if she doesn’t want to. She is definitely more clingy than Emersyn. I knew Emersyn wouldn’t have a problem with going at all. But 10 days is undoubtedly a long time to be away from me, even for Emersyn.
But eventually, they both decided to go. Emersyn was super pumped, while Natali was definitely second-guessing her decision. In fact, she still was when I talked to her a few hours ago. But I know that once they hit that beach, the time will fly by and they’ll enjoy every second of it.  In fact, they should be arriving any minute now. They’re going to love it!

What will me and Bear be doing? I’m not really sure. So far, we’ve been pretty bored. The house is clean, we’ve played with his barn and animals, read books, played monster trucks, built forts with his legos and done a whole lot of snuggling. We are quickly running out of ideas though!
I know the weekends won’t be too boring but those 5 weekdays while Steven is at work will be pretty loooooong.

At least the girls will be having a good time on the “Ultimate Field Trip!”


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