Fall Mantle

We’ve had a bit of snow the last few days and it reminds me how fast the seasons are changing. It seems like I just put my fall stuff out and yet everyone I know is putting up Christmas trees. (Before Thanksgiving…Ugh.)

I wanted to share a few pics of my fall mantle before I take it down and add some holiday decorations. It’s nothing fancy, as usual.


I googled “Printable banners” and found these adorable letters that you can turn into any saying you want. I love them and see myself using them very often in the future.

From left to right:
Set of frames and mirror (all from yard sales, probably $3 total), stacked and layered
Urn with light, ($3 from local discount store) stacked on top of old books
Rusty, antique scale ($2 from yard sale)  with glass pumpkin (Dollar Tree) on top

Wooden crate (picked up at a yard sale for a couple bucks), adorned with an old toolbox full of dried flowers (also from a yard sale, for only $2.50! I almost didn’t’ buy this b/c it stunk to high heaven when I got it. It’s been airing out in my garage for a few months and smells so much better!)

Old lanterns stacked on top of more old books. (Lanterns were a “splurge” at a yard sale. I almost walked away when the man said $5 for the pair but I’m glad I didn’t. I love them now!)

The glass pumpkins are also from the Dollar Tree.
(I love “proving” that you don’t need a lot of money for an adorable house!)

Now for the rest of my living room’s décor:

A few pumpkins joined the pie safe, for a harvest-y touch.


This adorable old farm scoop holds a repurposed salsa jar. I added a few decorative rocks and some burlap ribbon and it holds a bundle of dry grass.

This hangs on the side of my pie safe.


Some unique silver platters and an old pitcher sit atop my radio cabinet. Fresh pumpkins and a few doilies complete the look.


A wooden pumpkin sits in front of an old shutter. I love this shutter and how it can add height to any area.
I picked up this old radio cabinet, which had been turned into a table for a couple of bucks at a yard sale a few years ago. The lady said she remembers her “Daddy” making the table from their nonworking radio and she was so sad to get rid of it, but I was thrilled to buy it. And I think she was secretly thrilled that I loved it so much!


That’s the little bit of fall in our living room! In a few weeks, we’ll have to change it out for a SNOW theme!


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