Christmas Break!

We made it!

We are halfway through our first year of Homeschooling. It’s been a crazy and wild ride but it’s been FUN!

I’ve felt like “Mom of the Year.”
I’ve felt like a complete failure.
I’ve felt like my kids are complete geniuses, ahead of their peers.

I’ve felt like I’m failing them by giving them a less than perfect education.

I’ve felt excited, eager to teach them.

I’ve felt tired, mundane, not-so-excited to teach them.

I’ve felt amazing because I taught Emersyn how to read.

I’ve felt sad and not-so-surprised when Natali cried because she misses her friends.

I’ve felt aggravated, mad, annoyed, impatient, and like a crazy raging mom who does nothing but yell at her kids.

I’ve felt on top of the world, proud, confident and motivated.

But most of all, I’ve felt love.

When I wake up and see my kids snuggled up on the couch, sharing a blanket.
When I see Emersyn playing with Barrett, while I help Natali with her math work.

When I wake the kids up and tell them we’re going on a field trip.

When I see Natali fix Emersyn a sandwich for lunch, without her asking.

When Daddy comes home and the kids all eagerly run to greet him.

When we bake cookies to take to our friends and neighbors.

When I see Natali leaned over from her workspace, helping Emersyn sound out a word.

When I see the spark in their eyes when they beg to go outside to play “Wilderness People.”
When I see them want to please me and Daddy, as well as each other.

When I see them smile, as their eyes light up and they laugh their rotten little chuckles.

Yes, it’s been a long couple of months but these have honestly been the greatest months of my life.


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