Going Our Own Speed

Today was a long-overdue lazy Saturday.

With all the Christmas festivities, we’ve been going non-stop. Steven has been working a ton and the holidays have really just rocked our boat.
I had planned on sitting down at some point over Christmas break and regrouping, getting all of our studies ready for the next semester, finding good books for our read alouds, preparing some Unit Studies, just getting refocused and hopefully finding some motivation.

Today was that day. It was snowing, everyone was tired and there wasn’t much of a reason to get out of our pajamas. Everyone was occupied with Christmas gifts, Steven was home to help with Bear, it was simply the perfect time to reevaluate our Homeschool.

So, I spread my planners, calendars, highlighters, Post-it notes and books all over the kitchen table and got to work.

The last time I had looked at our schedule, all of our curriculums were set to end at different times. We were set to finish Apologia in the middle of February, while we wouldn’t end Mystery of History until the middle of June. All of our other curriculums were scattered somewhere in between.  (Of course, we started some before others and some are longer curriculums.)
The thing is, the last few months, it seems like the kids are less motivated, which makes me less motivated. I really made myself stop and think about what needed changed, what the kids weren’t enjoying, what wasn’t necessary and what we would do about it. It really just came down to Mystery of History. The kids aren’t completely crazy about it but I think it may be because we do it last everyday, when they are already burnt out on school. I would change up our routine, but I want to be sure we get Math and Language Arts out of the way before anything else. These are my main focuses and they cannot be pushed to the side. Everything else is “extra” in my eyes.

I did factor in “Extra Days” for Mystery of History, where we would spend 1 day per week doing an entire week’s lesson. This is only 3 short lessons, so it’s totally doable. In fact, we’ve done it a few times before, when we slacked the previous week and needed to get caught up. These days really only take about an hour and we would continue to do that week’s lesson on the other 3 days. We could do an extra lesson every-other week and be scheduled to finish in early May.
But then reality hit me.

The girls aren’t CRAZY about Mystery of History. They learn from it and they sometimes enjoy it, but mostly, it feels like a chore. And that isn’t how I want them to learn. I don’t want it to be “forced” at all. I want to be able to stop and study the events that pique their interest, not rush through to the next lesson.
The advantage of Homeschooling is that we can go our own pace. So guess what!
We aren’t finishing Mystery of History this year. We will work at it as we feel and learn in our own time.

When it comes down to it, they LOVE Road Trip USA, and that technically falls under the same subject as Mystery of History, Social Studies.

Hopefully the girls begin to want to do History but until then, I’m not forcing.
That’s why I homeschool.



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