Perler Beads

  Not sure how I’ve missed the “Perler Bead” craze, but somehow, I did.


I saw them on Amazon’s Black Friday sale and decided to give them a try. They had rave reviews and looked like a lot of fun.  And they were only $6 shipped, on Black Friday. (It looks like this bucket, which is what we purchased, normally runs about $10.)


This was one of the gifts that my kids got to open early. And boy, am I glad they did! We spent hours creating little projects but they grew larger and more difficult, with every attempt.
Natali ended up making an ice cream sandwich ear bud holder, by following this tutorial on YouTube.

I think everyone on our Christmas list received a bookmark, bowl, Christmas ornament and their initials, made from Perler Beads. 🙂
Everyone raved over the bead bowls and the girls just grinned, from ear to ear, while everyone bragged on them.


(All photos used are simply from Google searches. I’m kinda lazy today.)

If you’re looking for a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy, check out these awesome beads. All you need is an iron, everything else is included in the bucket, shown above!

There are tons and tons of ways to incorporate these into our homeschool days.
Not to mention, these are amazing for hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills.

My girls went through the entire bucket shown above in about 2 days. (That was pretty much NON-STOP beading, though!)
We ordered a larger set of beads and a bigger board and they haven’t even made a dent in it yet. Also it didn’t come with any boards, it was only beads. We did go ahead and order a larger set of boards, just so we could all use the beads at the same time, and we could enjoy the activity together as a family.

FYI: Contrary to how it appears, I’m not receiving any compensation on this post. We just really enjoyed them and I want other families to enjoy them, too. I believe they can also be purchased at Wal*Mart, WalGreens and other other chain stores, as well.


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