I would “Unschool.”
There’s a strange allure to the idea of child-led learning.

I wish I knew how to unschool, but when I think about it, it seems like my kids would never learn math and that scares the daylights out of me.

I think everything else would be easy enough but how on earth would they learn how to divide? Or multiply? Or find the area of a….Oh, who uses that crap anyways? We all have calculators on our phones, right? {Only kidding!}

I really hope I can find the courage to dive in and give “Unschooling” a try.

Maybe over summer break we could give it a shot?

I have a lot of confidence to find before then…

And a lot of convincing to the ol’ Hubster. Although we have never discussed “unschooling,” something tells me he would be incredibly leery…


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