Thoughts on Homeschooling

In the past few days, I’ve spent several hours reading Homeschool related blogs and forums, in hope of finding some new inspiration to carry me through the next half of the school year.

A few comments have really stuck out in my mind so I thought I’d share them with you. (And me…I want to make sure I don’t forget these points and by blogging them, I can come back and read them anytime and they are safe from my forgetfulness. I’m getting old, give me a break.)

*Aren’t you worried that you child isn’t getting enough interaction with peers?*

Public schools place kids in hard, uncomfortable desks, next to their “friends” who they can’t talk to or even write letters (or notes) to.  They eat lunch next to kids their own age but aren’t allowed to talk during lunch. My kids’ school allowed them 30 minutes for lunch, which included walking to the cafeteria, waiting in line, scarfing their food down in silence, and dumping their tray. The entire cafeteria had to be cleared out in 30 minutes. There wasn’t much time to eat, let alone “interact.”
Out of a 7 hour school day, the kids are allowed to openly talk for less than 45 minutes per day. Do you consider that adequate “interaction?”

My kids talk to anyone and everyone, literally.  They have no problem holding a conversation with the elderly, the cashier at the store or the kids at the park.

*How do unschooled kids learn anything if you don’t use a curriculum?*

Look at unschooling like an out of town visitor, staying with you for a week.  You have a list of things to do but you don’t tell your guest what to do. You may offer ideas or suggestions, but you let them make the decision, based on what sounds interesting to them. Unschooling isn’t about you, or standardized tests or what your friends think the kids should be learning. It’s about child led learning.

This is something I don’t know enough about to really post about but I hope to continue learning more about it. I really think this style of homeschooling would be an amazing experience. Even if it is for just a year or two.

What are some homeschool thoughts or ideas that have made you stop and think of a situation differently?


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