New Year Whirlwind

      The last few weeks of December and the beginning of January are always such a whirlwind of events and activities. This is my “Catch Up” post to share all the things that have been going on in my crazy life.


Right before Christmas, the Ruby family and ourselves went to MSSU ( a local university) to enjoy the theater production of “Mother Goose’s Christmas Mystery.” The kids enjoyed it well enough. Although after taking pictures with the cast, they all agreed that the costumes were “creepy” up close. 🙂





We also got together with the Ruby family to dissect a pig heart. They are doing Apologia’s human body study and a pig heart is the closest thing to a human heart. They had the heart and invited us to join them for a hands on activity. While picking up the pig heart from our local butcher shop, the Ruby’s arranged a future field trip to the shop. I’m looking forward to that.



Natali received her first letter from her Pen Pal, Bailey. Who knew getting mail was so much fun?
(Excuse the bedhead. We were bummin’ that day.)



Emersyn read a book about fingerprints and hands, so we decided to do our own “hand” activity. We each traced our hands and wrote down any reason that we might need our hands. The girls informed me of what Barrett uses his hands for. Pretty funny!
Natali’s Hand:

Each nail had a sport, one drawing depicts “Pick Stuff Up,” Paint your nails, Pet Soft Taco, Ride a Horse and Hold Hands

Emersyn’s Hand:

Shake your hand, work, draw, love, tie your shoes, throw, and catch.

She was in a horrid mood this day and wouldn’t give much effort, hence the sloppy hand.


My Hand:

Read a Book, Rub Daddy’s Back, Get Dressed, Cook, Sew, Play Ball, Clap, Snap, Give Bear a B ath, Eat, Tie My Shoes, Cut Glue and Create, Shake Hands, Blow Nose, Fix Girls’ Hair, Draw Write Color & Autograph, Play BINGO, Type, Knit, Lick my Fingers, Drive and Pinch.


And Barrett’s hand:

Play with toys, scratch, pet cows, comb his hair, hit, color, play with tractor, put on boots, touch fire, eat, read a book, pinch boobies and suck on fingers.



My uncle stopped by after work and offered the girls a ride in his bucket truck. It’s safe to say, they LOVED this!


That’s what’s happening with the girls at school but let’s not forget about Bear!
He is currently obsessed with his boots and talking on the phone!
He literally wears boots to bed every night! Here, he is trying on Emersyn’s new boots.


Anytime you mention a phone, Bear insists on calling his Grandpa. They have some pretty funny conversations, mostly about cows and the ABC’s. 🙂



My birthday was last Saturday and me and my mom spend the day playing Bingo at the casino.  Steven was sick, so we had a girls day. We didn’t’ win anything, but we drank all the free Dr. Pepper our little hearts desired!


And this is a photo taken at my sister in law’s wedding, the day before.

Isn’t my Mama the most gorgeous grandma you’ve ever seen?


Whew! The last month has been jam-packed but lots of memories were made!


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