Field Trip: Joplin Regional Stockyard

As everyone knows, Emersyn dreams of being a cowgirl. She loves anything that has to do with horses, farms, animals, or getting her boots dirty.
We decided to check out the local “cow sale” at Joplin Regional Stockyard.

We walked through the pens, checking out how each cow has their own hay, how the men use horses to drive the cows exactly where they want them, and how the cows interact with each other differently when the cowboys are present.

Then we made our way inside and walked through the reception area, to the auction arena. We sat for about 30 minutes, listening to the auctioneer, smelling the stinky air, and getting some strange looks from the buyers there. (After all, what kind of mom brings a slew of kids into a cattle sale and sits in the front row, clearly completely out of her element? A crazy one, that’s who.)


We learned why there are phones in the middle of the buyers sections, and what the info flashing across the large TV screens meant.  We learned what “commingle” means and that there are actually people who attend these auctions and buy cows for other people! (What a job! Spending thousands of dollars, while getting paid for it!)


We also learned that the Joplin Regional Stockyard is a dang money-makin’ machine! They were expecting 8,000 calfs today only and each cow has a “fee” of approximately $47 each. Do you know how much money they made today? Approximately $375,000!
Yes, I know they have to pay their employees, buy the hay, pay insurance, electricity, taxes…whatever. But seriously. $375,000! That’s just cray-cray! For granted, they only hold sales a couple of days a week, but come on!


 I think I’m in the wrong business…


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