Jelly & Junk Food

When we decided to homeschool, a huuuuuge part of our reasoning was because we wanted our kids to have skills. (Remember this post?)
Well, today we had the opportunity to learn to make jelly and some delicious junk foods.
My aunt invited us over to teach the girls just how simple cooking homemade can be.
We started with Cherry Jelly. She had handpicked and prepared the cherries this summer, so all we had to do was dump the bag of frozen cherries into the pot and get to work. It was super simple and something we will definitely be trying on our own.

Next up was pan cookies. We decided to use peanut butter instead of the butter that the Tollhouse recipe called for. It turned out delicious. The kids loved it!


Last up, Aunt B. showed us how to make peanut butter brittle. We weren’t planning on making this but Emersyn fell in love with brittle making over the Christmas season, when we saw it made at Silver   Dollar City. We attempted to make our own before Christmas, but it didn’t turn out at all. Apparently, a candy thermometer is the secret weapon that we lacked.


All in all, it was a fun day, creating lots of goodies but most importantly, creating memories.


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