Jumping on the “Geocaching” train

Geocaching is something I’ve wanted to try for the last few years.
This week, we decided to get out and enjoy our beautiful January weather by going on our first hunt.
The girls were both struggling with finishing their math and they were itching to get out of the house, so we loaded up and decided to give it a shot.
We started with the 3 that are in our small town.
Once we figured out what we were doing, it was addicting. The kids loved using the compass on our smart phones to find the Geocache.

The first Geocache we found was in a tree, at the edge of a cemetery. The Geocaching Pro app led us right to where it was, but then it was up to us to find the cache. We didn’t really know what we were looking for but we found it rather quickly, on the side of  a tree.  The girls squealed in delight!


The next one we found was under a big tree, on the other end of the cemetery.  This one was a bit harder, as it was in a small pill bottle, attatched to a broken limb, laying under the tree. Natali spotted it a few minutes after finding the location.

WP_20150123_005                              WP_20150123_006

Next we traveled to a town south of us. We spent the next 4 hours finding Geocaches. We found them all over, from the side of the road, parks, subdivision signs, guard rails, restaurants, and local businesses.



Some had small prizes but most were just the “log book.”  The girls loved writing their names in the books.



We finished the day with one of our favorite geocaches.  When Steven got home, the girls were talking a mile a minute, telling him all the details of their new favorite activity.


(Still confused?  Here is more info.)


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