Most days, I would be so incredibly happy if my life didn’t change at all.
I love where I’m at in my life.
This is both a good and a bad thing.
I am probably one of the most content people I know.
As far as materialistic things, I don’t “want” for much.

I don’t want a bigger house, a nicer car or bigger and better “stuff.”

I am thankful that I don’t want more. It really is a blessing.
There was a time in my life, where all I wanted was more.

I dreamed of a bigger house, with a sprawling porch and plenty of room for us to escape from each other.

But as I’ve grown, I’ve learned that bigger isn’t always better.

New cars come with car payments, which equals more money that Steven has to earn, which leads to him working more and spending more time away from me and the kids.

When it comes down to it, I’d rather drive an old beater than have him spend more time away from us.

Of course, we will eventually have to buy a new car but until we need it, I’m 100% happy with my paid for, matted, stinky, kid-friendly car.

And then there’s the “problem” of living in a small house.
To me, living in a small house teaches kids patience, it forces them to spend time together, it means that we simply cannot send them to the other end of the house when they’re being annoying.

No, instead, we must “tolerate” each other, Heaven forbid!

Or better yet, we learn to get along, get to really know each other or learn how to handle someone who drives you bonkers.

Of course, Steven sees living in a small one bathroom house as a terrible problem. I don’t mind it so much.  Maybe because I grew up in a family of 6, with only one bathroom.

I’m used to the “inconvenience” of holding my pee while someone else finishes up in the bathroom.

(He plans on adding on a bathroom as soon as he gets a chance .I’m less than thrilled and I think he should have to clean the extra toilet. Only seems fair, right?)

The kids don’t mind living in a small house.

In fact, they wanted to share a room, even when we had enough bedrooms for them to each have their own.

They don’t have a big bedroom.  In fact, all of our bedrooms are pretty tiny.

Are there days where I wish we had a bigger, newer house or car?

Honestly, no. Not really.
I think of a bigger house and all the extra time I would have to spend cleaning it and that crap just doesn’t excite me in the least!
Someday, we’ll probably outgrow our home and I dread that day.

I’m sad for the day that my girls will want their own rooms and I will no longer hear their late-night giggles.
Not to mention, moving is just too much dang work. And I have entirely too much crap.

However, in the last year, I’ve really tried to simplify our lives.

I’ve realized that the more “stuff” I have, the more time it takes away from my family.

Putting it away, organizing it, keeping it clean, storing it….it all just takes my focus off of what is important.
And I don’t want any “thing” to turn my focus off of where I want it to be.

So for now, I am choosing to love where I am.

Because, in reality, contentment is simply a choice, a conscious decision to say

I am happy with my life, just as it is.”


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