Unit Studies

For Columbus Day, I threw together my own little unit study. It was nothing fancy, just some things I knew the kids would enjoy.

From that point on, they have been asking to learn through Unit Studies.  So we have been. 🙂

With each unity study, I try to include the following:

A short video (I usually find one on YouTube and then pull it up on our TV)

A worksheet

An activity

A book

A craft

A snack

An experiment

I have been trying to do one unit study per week but we have been having difficulty staying on task, with the nice weather. (It seems we’ve spend most of January doing Math and Language Arts and letting the other subjects fall to the wayside while we enjoy outdoor activities. Do you blame us! It’s been 60° in JANUARY, for Pete’s sake!!!)

We did manage to do our Benjamin Franklin unit study. We watched a few short films on YouTube, made “Information Kites” with facts we’d learned about him, created fun $100 bills with our own faces and ate kite shaped Rice Krispie treats.

We didn’t ever get around to our unit studies that cover chocolate, germs or snow that we had planned to do in January.

February is full of unit studies. We have lots to celebrate: Groundhog Day (2nd), National Chopstick Day (6th) and President’s Day(16th). We will also try to squeeze in a unit study on teeth at some point, since February is National Dental Health Month.

You could easily do a unit study per day, since you are able to go as in depth or as simple as you want. I choose to drag them out over the course of a week, so we are able to do more activities and the kids can really learn the information presented to them.

My kids love unit studies and anything that gets them excited about learning makes me happy.


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