Chocolate Unit Study


We finally had a chance to do our unit study on Chocolate and wow, was it fun! The girls loved it, and didn’t even complain about doing math, using M&Ms!



There were addition worksheets for Emersyn and multiplication worksheets for Natali.



We also did a worksheet that had us using fractions to divide our candy bar equally. Natali did a word search and a worksheet where she had to make as many words as she could out of the word “Chocolate Bar.”

Then we listed all the ingredients and the amount in a Hershey’s bar. We talked about how much a pound of chocolate would cost, using the candy bar as our example.

We tasted dark and milk chocolate and graphed what our favorites were. (Which is kinda hard to do considering half of us don’t even like chocolate.)


After we had completed several worksheets, we moved into the kitchen. My little brother was hanging out with us today, so he helped the girls dip their favorite foods in chocolate and white chocolate almond bark.


(I am obsessed with Emersyn’s new toothless grin! It’s amazing how cute you look after your sister punches you in the face and knocks your teeth out!)

 Notice it’s lumpy? That’s because they were too busy dancing around the kitchen and letting it get hard, while they were jamming out to music!
Some of the things they dipped included carrots, celery, apples, bananas, chips, Twizzlers, strawberries, pretzels and anything else they could find. They had a blast!

Jeremiah used a “life hack” that’s been floating around the Internet for a while to hull the strawberries. Using a straw, he removed the center and stems of the strawberries. Quick and easy and best of all, no mess to clean up!

Somewhere along the way, the Reddi Whip got involved in the fun!






It was a fun filled day, learning all about the LONG process of how chocolate is made and hanging out with these dorks!



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