President’s Day

Whether you love or hate the current president, I think we can all agree that he has a tough job.  It really makes me wonder why anyone would even want such a demanding job.  It makes you respect all presidents, past and present.
We celebrated President’s Day by discussing the 3 requirements for becoming president, the pros and cons of being a president, which presidents are our favorite, how long a presidential term is and how many terms a president can be elected. Next we read a few pages of presidential facts, many of which caused hysterical laughing from the girls.

Then we talked about what we would do if we became president and wrote down some of our favorite ideas. If we were in charge, the White House would be called the Pink House, there would be a whole lotta horses, no limit on the number of dogs you can have inside, and we would have recyclable money made from trees. (Pretty sure some of these weren’t thought out as well as others.)

We finished the day by doing an experiment to find the best way to clean a penny.




Honestly, none of them cleaned the pennies very well but the vinegar definitely did best, even though the photos don’t really do it justice.
We ended up leaving the pennies in vinegar overnight an they came out a lot cleaner than pictured.



Do you know why vinegar and salt cleans pennies?

Vinegar is an acid, and the acid in the vinegar reacts with the salt to remove what is called copper oxide, which was making your pennies dull and old looking.



You learn something new everyday, right?


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