Book Storage


Today, someone asked me where we store all of our homeschool books and supplies, so I thought I’d share our latest set up.
We do have a room dedicated to homeschooling, but we don’t use it for anything other than storage.
When we first decided to homeschool, Steven built us a desk with concrete tops and a large bookshelf. We use most of the bookshelf to hold Natali’s books, since she’s a book hoarder and refuses to get rid of any after she’s read them. However, books are one thing that I don’t mind buying or keeping. Especially as much as that girl reads. (She just started AND finished “Little Women” today, in fact!)

A few weeks after Christmas, I decided to bring the girls’ “everyday” books into our living room to make them even more handy. (Which is kind of dumb b/c my shelf was just outside the door to our Homeschool Room so it wasn’t making THAT much of a difference.)  However, I think having everything right there, ready to go, every day has really helped motivate the girls.

At first, I used an antique dresser to hold our books and each girl had a drawer to keep their books organized. But then I stumbled upon this little shelf and decided it was just what we needed.

(I wasn’t kidding about it not really being that much more handy. The door to the homeschool room is even visible in the picture! LOL)

The wire locker basket holds all of our “daily morning work.” It has our Explode the Code, Miquon workbook, Daily Grams workbook, Easy Grammar workbook and the Teaching Textbooks CD and a notebook to complete the math. This is what the girls do every day, before lunch.
I left the Road Trip USA, Mystery of History and Apologia books in the Homeschool Room, since we don’t do those everyday and they are bulky.

The shelf also holds a crate with a blanket, Barrett’s diapers and a metal bucket full of quick and easy books for Emersyn to read.
We also use the radio everyday. The girls love tuning it, even though the sound is nothing compared to that of new technology.

I think the secret to having a good storage solution is to simply think outside of the box!


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