Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

My dad’s birthday was earlier this week but my mom had already made him a delicious cake, so we decided to wait until the following day to make him something sweet.


The girls decided to make this scrumptious no bake custard dessert, from week 2 of the Cooking for Kids online cooking class.


I was in the bedroom, putting Barrett down for a nap while the girls made this, so that shows you just how easy it really was.


(We used vanilla pudding instead of custard since we couldn’t find any custard at our local Wal*Mart.)


Simply crush cookies (we used Vanilla wafers) and top with vanilla pudding. Then add your choice of berries.

IMG_2159 IMG_2167

(This girl is a HAM!)
IMG_2162 IMG_2163

Unfortunately, we only had an extra “2” candle left over from Barrett’s birthday a few weeks ago, but Grandpa didn’t mind. (He’s a heck of a lot older than 2, FYI.)

IMG_2184 IMG_2188


It was super delicious and Grandpa was surprised to see that we hadn’t forgot his birthday.

How could we? He shares a birthday with Soft Taco, our dog.

Here’s a pic of Soft Taco’s 2nd birthday cake. Apparently, I had more time back then because he didn’t get ANYTHING this year.


It’s no secret that we love any reason to celebrate around here!

This recipe will be one we keep around and let the girls make, time and time again. Fast, simple and delicious!



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