Mystery of History: The Rise of Athens & Sparta


To say that we have slacked on Mystery of History would be a severe understatement. We are just now finishing the first semester, which (obviously) should have been done by Christmas. However, we did start this curriculum pretty late (October, I believe?) and we are slackers.  Need any more excuses? I’m sure I could come up with a couple more…

I decided that today we would sit down and have a history spree. We completed 6 lessons in about two hours.
The weird part was that the kids sat still and listened and seemed to enjoy it more when we did a large dose of history, as opposed to the typical small chunks everyday.


We stopped after each lesson and reviewed the lessons from earlier in the day. I wanted to make sure they retained the info and weren’t just going through the motions.
However, we only did one activity out of the 6 lessons. The girls didn’t seem to mind, though.

We finished the day with the clay pot decorating from the “Rise of Athens and Sparta” lesson.

(Natali’s pot is on the left and Emersyn’s is on the right. Excuse the sticker spot, I didn’t feel like cleaning it off.)


Hopefully, we can continue to slowly catch up on our curriculums. I may even decide to do all of our week’s history lessons in one day, given the way the girls were responding to it.


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