What I Miss Most About Public School

There are very few things I miss about public school. I mean, very few.

However, one thing I do miss is our bedtime routine.

No, it’s not technically a public school thing.

I used to love putting the kids to bed, saying our prayers, reading them a bedtime story and laying with them until they fell asleep. Some of our deepest (and silliest) conversations have happened in their bed.

Now it seems like when bedtime finally rolls around, I’m exhausted and still need to clean the kitchen.

Or bathroom.

Or living room.

Or all of the above.

 So, I’ve gotten into the habit of sending them to bed and only joining them for prayers and maybe a quick chapter of the Circle C Beginnings book.

I really miss laying with them and discussing their dreams or what they want for lunch tomorrow, or what they will name their next pet, whatever else pops into their crazy little heads.

However, I know that if I lay with them, I will be down for the count. And I’d wake up to the whole days’ mess, still waiting for me.

And we can’t have that, now can we?

That’s basically all I miss about public school, though.
Oh- and school pictures. I miss those overpriced suckas, too.


One thought on “What I Miss Most About Public School

  1. The only thing I miss is having it be kind of easy to have my daughter have regular time with kids. Now it is a challenge. I still thi k it is better though.

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