My kids are LEARNING!!!


Most days I feel like  we are going through the motions yet wonder how much information my kids are retaining.

We have been testing out a new church and my kids are less than thrilled. They really detest anything unfamiliar to them.


This week, they had a guest speaker in Children’s Church. He brought along his puppet to help him teach the lesson.


The week’s lesson was about Boaz.


He told the class that Naomi married Boaz because she knew he would take car of her.

Natali apparently called him out on his mistake, telling him that Boaz had actually married Ruth. When the speaker argued with her, she told him that Boaz was actually Naomi’s kinsman. (Can you imagine his face when she argued, using the word “kinsman?”)

The speaker grabbed his lesson and realized his mistake.

I was so proud when Natali told me the story. Not only because she caught the error, but also because my painfully shy girl had the nerve to speak up so that others wouldn’t be misinformed.

When she was telling us about it, she said “Mom, I couldn’t let him tell the story wrong! The other kids would’ve never known the real story.”


I am so proud of her and glad she had the courage to speak out, amongst a room full of practically strangers.

I’m still amazed at how fast she is growing up and how she is learning and maturing a little more everyday.


She apparently is listening, even when I think she isn’t.


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