Backyard Chickens

I’ve wanted to get some chickens for a while now.
However, considering we barely make it through a dozen eggs a month, I didn’t really see a need for them.

But, being the crazy person that I am, I talked Steven into letting me buy 7 chickens.
I researched and read and asked questions and by the time we got the chickens, I still didn’t have a clue what I was doing.
The lady we bought them from said that they were about 14 weeks old and already laying hens.
However, they were molting when we got them, then they were in shock from the move and new location, so they didn’t lay right away.


We got our first egg last week, more than 2 weeks after we got them.

The girls had been checking, high and low, everyday for eggs and hadn’t found a single one yet.

Then one day, while they were at the movie theater with my brother, we found our first egg.

My mom bent down to pick it up, but I stopped her, telling her to let the girls get it.

Of course, Bear saw her go for it and decided to helpfully hand it to her. As soon as she turned her back, he bent down, picked it up, and immediately dropped it.

It’s a good thing we don’t eat a lot of eggs. 🙂

Today, we FINALLY got another egg!
Emersyn ran into the house, crazy with excitement.


Whether or not we become chicken farmers, the girls have really enjoyed having the chickens so far. They haven’t even grumbled about putting them away at night or opening their pen in the mornings.


Sometimes I just have to remind myself that it isn’t about eggs or chickens, but about hard work and getting new experiences in life.


2 thoughts on “Backyard Chickens

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  2. I remember that first egg as well–that was many, many dozen ago! Chickens are very entertaining. You’ll have a lot of fun watching them do crazy chicken stunts. We call that chickenvision around here. Enjoy! Begonia


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