Anniversary Getaway {New Orleans and the Ship}

I know that you probably don’t really care to read about my anniversary vacation, but I wanted to post on here about for our friends and family.

So you can stop reading right now and I won’t be offended at all. ūüôā

And my next few posts may or may not be equally personal.

If you decide to keep reading however, you are going to see a butt-ton of pictures, so consider yourself warned.


Our ship sailed out on Monday, so we took the 10 hour drive to New Orleans the day before. We left bright and early and made really good time. (It’s amazing how much faster you can get somewhere without having to stop to pee at every exit.)

We checked into our hotel room and then decided to head to the French Quarter, to do a little exploring.
We finally found a parking spot about 7.000 blocks from Jackson Square.

We immediately saw tons of street performers and artists, trying to sell their items.


The “invisible magician” was my favorite. Do people really pay you to stand there and not do magic?

I loved the character of the old buildings and homes.

IMG_4110  IMG_4114 IMG_4115 IMG_4116 IMG_4125   IMG_4149

We wandered around for a bit and then decided to take the tour-guided carriage ride.

I am so¬†glad we decided to do this. I think we could’ve walked for 3 hours and still not seen everything, not to mention it was chock-full of information and history.

It was definitely worth the $36.


Here are my favorite facts I learned along the way:

  • If you live in the French Quarter, you must approve all paint colors with the city before painting your home. All colors have to stay “historical” and go with the vibe of the area.
  • The shutters and gas burning lamp posts cannot be removed, under any circumstances.
  • The reason¬† the windows all have shutters is because they used to tax you on how many windows you had.
  • After everyone outsmarted the government and covered their windows, they changed the law to where you are taxes on the amount of sqaure footage of sidewalk in the front of your house. This is why everyone moved their doors to the back of the houses, where there is no sidewalk.
  • After everyone did this, they decided to tax you based on the number of closets in your home. You can imagine what happened next.¬† The majority of these homes don’t have any closets.
  • The government finally decided to just tax based on square footage of your home and this rule is still in use today.
  • IMG_4163

After the 30 minute tour, we stopped off at the very highly recommended “Caf√© Du Monde.”¬† Everyone had told us that this was a must try.¬† I must admit, the beignet was delish and only a couple of bucks.


Steven refused to go to the Drag Show¬†and I was starting to get scared (Ha! That place is a little crazy!) so we headed back to the hotel for a good night’s rest.


The next day, we headed to the ship around 10 am.¬† We didn’t sail until 4, but we purchased “Faster To The Fun” through Carnival, so we were able to skip all the lines and get on the boat before anyone else.¬† It was worth the exra $50, for sure.

The ship was gorgeous, and every detail was perfect. The Elation is the smallest ship in Carnival’s fleet, but it had plenty to keep us busy.





Oddly enough, Steven chose to lay down and turn on¬†Phineas and Ferb” right away. Weirdo.


Of course, like any cruise, the highlights of the ship are the food and the towel animals.

IMG_4986 IMG_4506 IMG_4839  IMG_4262 IMG_4228

The food was, of course, amazing and we were lucky enough to get seated with great people! The staff and company was amazing, every night.


Skipping out on the dinners was not an option for me.¬† Let me just show you why….

The appetizers:





We tried some new foods, including gator, sushi and frog legs.

Next up, the entrees:

IMG_4977 IMG_4974      IMG_4502 IMG_4499   IMG_4253 IMG_4251    IMG_4209 IMG_4207

And of course, desserts:


IMG_4980 IMG_4504 IMG_4494 IMG_4257  IMG_4244 IMG_4217

They even brought us a special dessert on our anniversary and sang to us.


We also had to get up and dance in front of about 1,000 people, which is always fun. ūüôā

Even the food at Tiffany’s diner was yummy, but I¬† didn’t get many pictures of that.

IMG_4936 IMG_4930 IMG_4925 IMG_4231


The best part of the diner was the view.


IMG_4947 IMG_4966 IMG_4828

And of course, we loved getting our pictures taken! We had so much fun and the photographers had us cracking up!

 11150911_10206431626851922_83062351971876503_n 11127723_10206431626371910_9222267956846229424_n11208659_10206431626091903_8538583902298529156_n

Stayed tuned for some gorgeous pictures from Mexico, coming soon!!!


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