Anniversary Getaway {Mexico!}

 Our first port stop was in Cozumel.


That place is simply stunning. Although it is very tourist-y and the shops were very comparable to our own.


We had booked an excursion which included a ride on a catamaran, snorkeling, inflatables and a day of relaxation on a secluded private beach.


We boarded the catamaran and headed out to snorkel.



The wind was CRAZY and the waves were wild, but we gave it a shot anyways. We were able to see tons of fish and even a puffer fish.



Our next stop was the private beach. It was uh-mazing. So relaxing and gorgeous.

IMG_4327 IMG_4334


There were beds and hammocks and plenty of chairs to just relax and soak up the sun. We even saw several iguanas, scurrying about.


After a couple of hours, we headed back into the town.

There were shops and performers and all kinds of photo opportunities.

IMG_4448 IMG_4451  IMG_4461 IMG_4463 IMG_4464  IMG_4280


I considered getting a “fish pedicure” until they told us that they only chance the water about once a week. IMG_4459

Um, no thanks!


The next day, we ported at Progresso.


I instantly fell in love with the “old” Mexico.  This place was very authentic, just what you imagine Mexico would be. Slightly run down, but gorgeous in it’s own way. I’m still trying to convince Steven we should sell everything we own and move there. (After all, we could live for a couple of years, just by selling our car!)

The first thing we did was take a double decker bus tour. (Compared to the tour in New Orleans, this was quite a bargain, only $5 each!  )


It was a great deal, since we got to see a lot of thing in areas that we would’ve otherwise avoided.

IMG_4582IMG_4585 IMG_4549 IMG_4566 IMG_4574

IMG_4543 IMG_4549 IMG_4553 IMG_4561 IMG_4572 IMG_4581

After the tour, we headed towards the beach, stopping by a few shops and markets on the way.

They sold a little bit of everything!


IMG_4604 IMG_4601 IMG_4605

We finally made it to the beach and bought some chips and salsa, which is really just pico de gallo. (Who knew that “blended” salsa is actually an American thing?)


IMG_4617 IMG_4615

IMG_4609 IMG_4740

IMG_4741 IMG_4744

After snapping a few photos of some abandoned fishing boats, we headed to get a massage at Marina’s.

IMG_4630 IMG_4711

All you can eat chips and salsa, all you can drink tequila, a reserved spot on the beach and an hour long massage for $20? Uh, yes please!





While lounging on the beach, you can buy pretty much anything you wish. We purchased homemade kites, whistles, mangos, Hena tattoos, movies, conch shells, movies and songs.



It was “Children’s Day” in Mexico, so the kids were out of school and playing in the ocean.  One kid even caught a fish, without a pole!



We headed back toward the shuttle bus, moseying around and seeing all kinds of fun stuff.


   IMG_4566   IMG_4804   IMG_4590IMG_4619 IMG_4592

We enjoyed lunch at “The Naked Frog”, which is a little local restaurant. Our food was delicious, as far as I could tell, but my taste buds were burned off in the first bite. 🙂                        IMG_4726 IMG_4728

I snapped a few photos of the work going on around the port. A new bridge is being built and they were working HARD on it. No doubt, Progresso will soon be a “tourist town” much like Cozumel. I really hope they keep some of it’s old world charm and don’t modernize the entire area. It was simply too gorgeous to lose.

  IMG_4778 IMG_4813 IMG_4806

Progresso was my absolute favorite part of the entire cruise.

Maybe on your next cruise, you will find me there, living the simple life.

IMG_4796  IMG_4781



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