School’s out for the suuuummmmmmaaaaa!

This school year is {finally} coming to an end for us!

It has been one heck of a year, but looking back I can see how far we’ve come.

I went into homeschooling with a very open mind. I didn’t know if we would succeed or fail. In all honesty, our year went WAY smoother than I imagined. Being new to this, I thought we would really have some struggles. Instead, we rolled with the punches and did what worked for us.
I feel like this year was a huge success. We’ve done some fun stuff, we’ve done some hard work and we’ve done a lot of reading.

We hit it hard for the first half of the year, completing more than half of our curriculum before Christmas. Then we had a lull in January and February, finally getting back into the groove by March. While we didn’t hit the books much in the first couple of months of the year, we continued to learn, just in a different way. More hands on activities, more movies and more board games.  It is very evident that Emersyn learns best through hands on activities, so she loved this.

I already have new goals for our school next year. I think making new goals, as well as maintaining previous goals, is the key to creating the learning environment that is best for us. Aiming to do better, everyday, is the key to our school’s success.

Cheers to a summer destined to be full of swimming fun, road trips, bonfires, star-filled nights and lots of learning.


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