For Your Viewing Pleasure

I’m always on the lookout for new movies and shows that my kids can watch, without worrying about any inappropriate content.

I thought I’d share a few of our favorites that can be found on Netflix streaming.

These are our “go to” streaming movies, while eating lunch or when we need some “down time.”



How the States Got Their Shape

Weird or What?

Dogs with Jobs

Mysteries at the Museum

Bill Nye the Science Guy

The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents

The Magic School Bus

Wild Kratts (We’ve actually finished all the episodes now, but the kids LOVED it!)

Also, a quick search of PBS, NOVA, National Geographic or HISTORY (H2) will give you plenty of quality shows that are full of information. I have about 30 in my watchlist that vary on topics like “Honeybadgers”, “Separating Twins,” “The Life of Birds,” “Civil War” and “Mystery of Easter Island.”


Clean, Family Movies/Shows

that aren’t necessarily educational but are still worth watching:

Good Eats

Ace Wonder

Andy Griffith

Granite Flats

and our absolute family favorite right now, When Calls the Heart. (Seriously, check it out. It’s so flippin’ good.)


We also have Amazon Prime and there are lots of great shows on there as well. I really prefer Netflix though, because I was able to set up a separate “School” account.  The kids know they can watch anything on that list after they finish their school work or during breaks.  .

What is your family’s favorite Netflix movie or show to enjoy together?


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