Sometimes life is hard.  Sometimes it just downright sucks.

Today was one of those days.

After hearing about the passing of a former classmate in a horrible car accident a few days ago, I paused and reflected on my own life.
How easily that could’ve been me, driving in the pouring rain and unseen by a semi truck.

How easily I could be taken from my babies, far too soon.

How easily life slips away, in the blink of an eye.

How easily a young mom, so happy and bright and full of life, can leave this world.


3 days later, another classmate lost her fight with cancer. She had been bravely battling for a few years and after a couple of hard rounds of chemo, thought she was doing well.  After experiencing some intense stomach pains, she went to the ER, where they found her cancer had substantially spread and her liver was completely overtaken with cancer. She was sent to Oklahoma City, to see if there were any clinical trials that would prolong her life. If not, they gave her only 3-6 months.

Not even 2 weeks later, she passed, surrounded by her family.

She fought so hard and for so long. Not even a week before her passing, we texted back and forth about organizing a fundraiser, to allow her husband to take some time off and spend her last months enjoying her.  She was so brave and was only worried about her kids and husband. Such a selfless person, gone too soon.

Both of these women were beautiful souls. I literally never saw either of them without a smile on their face. Young moms, both under 30, that will never live to see their sweet babies graduate, fall in love or get their driver’s license.

Moments like this make you stop and breath.

Hold your babies tighter and examine what is really important in life. Appreciate the good days, and savor the chaos of everyday life.
Tell your kids you love them. Snuggle them. Read them a book or two. Play outside with them. Eat dessert before dinner. Stay up late, giggling like school girls.  Take them to church. Splash with them in the pool. Teach them to really live life.

Let your kids know that they are your world.

Tell them again and again, so they will never forget it, just in case you never have the chance to tell them again.

Life is short, fragile and sometimes messy, but every morning you wake up is a day worth celebrating.


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