Who Knew That Feeding the Hungry Can Be This Much Fun?

I’ve mentioned before that I am not a stickler for spelling or vocabulary programs. I have high expectations that my kids will develop a love of reading and in turn they will pick up on these subjects naturally, without having to be “force fed” them. (Crossing my fingers that this theory works.) 😉
However, I recently introduced my girls to Free Rice.  It is an interactive, fun and simple website that helps build vocab skills, while helping supply food for those in need. For each correct answer, sponsors will donate 10 grains of rice to people in less fortunate countries. Some of the countries include Cambodia, Haiti, Uganda and Nepal.

The great part about this site is that you can do as many or few questions as you’d like. There is no penalty for wrong answers. If you get an incorrect answer, the words get slightly easier.  If you get it correct, they get a little bit harder.

  You can also watch the “plate” fill up with rice, as you complete more words.  In our first day of using the site, my girls supplied over 700 grains of rice in about 10 minutes.  It isn’t a lot but every little bit helps.

There are other subjects besides vocab, too. Need to review your math facts? No problem. Geography, History and Test Prep are all options, as well as others.

This site is perfect for keeping them busy in waiting rooms, in the car or any other time they need a distraction.

I plan on using this site weekly to build a better vocabulary and enjoy helping others, all at the same time.



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